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If you take a look at a map of the earth today, you will see the current locations of broken land masses that constitute the earth. However, would you believe if someone told you that these broken land masses were once connected to each other as one huge supercontinent? Over time, the landmass broke and drifted away and is still drifting to this day. The supercontinent was surrounded by water bodies, mainly oceans, and seas. As a result of movement of the supercontinent, Pangaea split into two super landmasses namely Laurasia and Gondwanaland. Laurasia, makes up the northern continents of today.
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Continental Drift Essay

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How the continental drift works: [Essay Example], words GradesFixer

Alfred Wegener gave many facts that help prove his Continental Drift theory. Different animals, such as the Cynognathus, Lystrasaurus, and Mesosaurus gave proof that the continents have moved. The Cynognathus was a land animal, whose fossils where. Question 1 The idea of Continental Drift to explain the current shape of Earths landmasses was first proposed by Abraham Ortelius in He proposed the idea to highlight the geometrical coincidences between America and Europe-Africa. Alfred Wegener was a German Polar Researcher, geophysicist, and a meteorologist. He was born in November of , and later died in November of
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Theory of Continental Drift

Long ago there was a super continent called Pangaea. Alfred Wagener discovered this theory. He believed all continents were once connected.
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In my sentiment, Continental floating decidedly occurred. I believe there is plentifulness of grounds proving that, grounds that anyone could see merely by looking at a map. Almost everyone who has looked at a universe map or Earth has noticed that the continents of South America and Africa seem to suit together reasonably good.
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