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Global warming is one of the most disastrous phenomenons in the history of the earth. Unlike several decades ago, the scientific evidence of global warming and associated impacts has become clearer. But even with the dangers such as the thawing of polar ice sheets and extensive droughts become the norm, it is sad that we have failed to come up with a cohesive strategy to counter it. Now, when you are required to write a global warming essay or related paper; how do you do it? Even before starting to work on your global warming essay, it is prudent to create a good structure.

Global Warming Essay [Causes/Effects And Solutions]

Global Warming - Argument Essay Free Essay Example

Many people across the country have been convinced that global warming is affecting us more and more with each passing day. Because of numerous campaigns by the likes of famous politicians such as Al Gore, the common citizen has been convinced that drastic action needs to be taken in order to stop global warming. However, contrary to popular belief, a large number of distinguished scientists and engineers do not agree that drastic actions on global warming are needed. There are several points supporting both sides of the argument about global warming, however many of them that say global warming is indeed happening use facts that are very broad and that do not solely relate to global warming. This, too, is a very general statement and can be related to the climate cycles that Earth goes through. The statistics can be modified by several variables that have nothing to do with global warming. The effects of global warming is a widely misconceived notion that thousands of people are tricked into believing by misleading statistics.

The Causes of Global Warming Essay

Many people do not see this as a problem. However, it is currently a huge issue that is often talked about among scientists and many other people. Global Warming is caused by many different things. Greenhouse gases, deforestation, and solar activity are three different proven facts that cause global warming.
Global warming is presenting a lot of environmental and health problems to many countries. A lot of heat gets trapped on earth due to formation of a non-porous layer gases below the atmosphere. The worst effect is felt by developing countries, which are also geographically disadvantaged.

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