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Ridley Scott can be classed as an auteur for his use of setting in his films; he tends to create a post-apocalyptic setting, mainly set in the not-so-distant future. This can be seen in the extract of Blade Runner, from the wide angle, long shot of Deckard on the roof. The tall buildings, which are close together, help to connote an industrialised city, and the lack of organic matter helps to show the futuristic world as very bleak, old and dirty. The use of space surrounding Deckard when he is hanging from the roof help to establish that the city lacks people and is very de-humanised and an almost dystopia, which is very similar to Alien. Under such circumstances, it has fallen largely to the art of our time to explore and clarify the sense of dissolution, fragmentation, simultaneity and decomposition that proved so subversive of earlier notions of "reality," and contemplate what the future might hold. In his monumental study, The Social History of Art, Arnold Hauser captured the sense of these developments well when he wrote, "the new century is full of such deep antagonism, the unity of its outlook on life is so menaced, that the combination of the furthest extremes, the unification of the greatest contradictions, becomes the main theme, often the only theme, of its art".

Narrative in Blade Runner

Narrative in Blade Runner Research Paper - Words

This clip, which shows Decker on the way to and inside the Tyrell Corporation, is loaded with information about the world it portrays. What is the nature of the future world shown here, in regards to culture, ecology, social class and the use of technology? Throughout this film, Blade Runner provides surfaces that entice the […]. It was the romantic scene between them. Before the opening of the scene, Deckard was looking Zhora and shot after she found it. At the beginning of the scene, Deckard and Rachael go to his apartment.

Film Analysis "Bladerunner"

How does Ridley Scott indicate that Deckard is disillusioned and unhappy with his life without explicitly saying it? Provide examples, both visual and from the script. First of all, Gaff has to arrest Deckard to even get him to come to the police station and hear about his new assignment. Deckard resists but Bryant gives him absolutely no choice. Deckard's apartment is dark and unwelcoming, and he drinks to excess by himself, indicating that he is using alcohol to self-medicate.
Despite the initial appearance of an action film , Blade Runner operates on an unusually rich number of dramatic levels. As with much of the cyberpunk genre, it owes a large debt to film noir , containing and exploring such conventions as the femme fatale , a Chandleresque first-person narration in the Theatrical Version, the questionable moral outlook of the hero —extended here to include even the literal humanity of the hero, as well as the usual dark and shadowy cinematography. It has been argued that Blade Runner thematically enfolds moral philosophy and philosophy of mind implications of the increasing human mastery of genetic engineering , within the context of classical Greek drama and its notions of hubris [1] —and linguistically, drawing on the poetry of William Blake and the Bible. This is a theme subtly reiterated by the chess game between J.

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