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A single model that parses Universal Dependencies across 75 languages. Given a sentence, jointly predicts part-of-speech tags, morphology tags, lemmas, and dependency trees. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more.

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The present paper discusses the benefits and challenges of token-based typology, which takes into account the frequencies of words and constructions in language use. This approach makes it possible to introduce new criteria for language classification, which would be difficult or impossible to achieve with the traditional, type-based approach. This point is illustrated by several quantitative studies of word order variation, which can be measured as entropy at different levels of granularity. I argue that this variation can be explained by general functional mechanisms and pressures, which manifest themselves in language use, such as optimization of processing including avoidance of ambiguity and grammaticalization of predictable units occurring in chunks. The case studies are based on multilingual corpora, which have been parsed using the Universal Dependencies annotation scheme.
Syntactic analysis, or parsing, is a key task in natural language processing and a required component for many text mining approaches. In recent years, Universal Dependencies UD has emerged as the leading formalism for dependency parsing. While a number of recent tasks centering on UD have substantially advanced the state of the art in multilingual parsing, there has been only little study of parsing texts from specialized domains such as biomedicine. We explore the application of state-of-the-art neural dependency parsing methods to biomedical text using the recently introduced CRAFT-SA shared task dataset. We further evaluate the effect of transfer learning using a broad selection of BERT models, including several models pre-trained specifically for biomedical text processing.

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