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Essay not long enough? Need your essay to be longer than what you have already written. Well, you are in luck because we have some tips and tricks for you to add a significant amount of pages to your essays without having to write anything extra. Yes, with the list of ways given below, you will not have to write any more fluff to fill your essay, while fulfilling any length requirements of your essay.

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How to Make an Essay Longer: 22 Effective Tips to Use

Everyone experiences problems with essay length once in a while. When you are all out of constructive ideas and in need of making your paper longer, you risk losing quality. The typical mistakes made in the attempts to increase the word count are diverting from the topic, becoming repetitive and losing structure. Let us discuss the strategies to avoid those while still meeting the requirements for essay length. You can always get the new ideas from re-reading what you have just written, it also helps you to fill in some missing parts.

How to Make an Essay Longer the Smart Way

Wonder how to write long essays? Writing an essay might be such a complicated thing for an inexperienced writer. Especially when the deadline is getting closer and closer and you have no ideas about the topic of your essay. So the student tries to make the essay longer by playing with fonts and size. First of all, when you want to make your paper longer, mind the claims you made in the essay.
You finished writing your paper and need to submit it soon. However, the number of pages does not correspond to the criteria provided by your professor. You ask yourself how to make an essay look longer? Fortunately, it is possible by using the following tricks.

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