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Topics: Essay , Literary Analysis. They will finally hold to head for Florida. One of the chief characters in the narrative. The Grandmother and her household will be put to decease by an at large felon by the name of the Misfit. In the narrative one will see that although the Grandmother had non been a known convicted criminal.

The Analysis of the Main Character – the Grandmother in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

A Feminist Analysis of Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard To Find” - SummaryStory

As policy and laws are established from pre-existing social code, the blind continuation of this standard is all too often sanctioned. Constrained by such disapproval, feminist critique of society must be approached subtly, stealthily, and raise questions on an almost subconscious level. Through this representation, the grandmother falls into stereotypical parameters: she is weak and dependent, reliant upon the family presence and her son especially for support and security. The Misfit represents a challenge to the established social order and is portrayed as dualistic in nature. He, like women, is held subject to the law, and has been deemed a criminal, despite having forgotten what or if he has done anything wrong.

A Good Man Is Hard to Find Analysis: Essay Example & Summary

It was however published in as one ofthe tales in a collection of short stories. It became her most famousstory and mainly spoke of vanity and pettiness in human beingsthrough a cynical manner. Some readers have found her writing asgrotesque and full of dark humor.
Since the beginning, she makes it clear that she does not want to go to Florida, even mentioning that there is a criminal on the loose. The truth is that the woman is not really worried about the safety of her family. She only wants to go to Tennessee, and telling her son about the criminal is her way of manipulating him. The family wanted to take a trip to Florida, but the grandmother wanted to go to Tennessee instead.

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