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When someone says, "you are looking very well today. There are many different type of wellness. But the one that I feel that is often over looked and disregarded is emotional wellness. I would like to talk about the actual definition, the factors, and a couple of personal experiences that make up emotional wellness in the day-to-day life. If you were to look at the online encyclopedia Encarta, you would find that it states emotional wellness as "a psychological state of well being, characterized by continuing personal growth as a sense of purpose in life, self-acceptance, and positive relations with others.

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Wellbeing is now a concept at the core of many educational policy agendas and practices. Increasing attention is focussed on both student and staff mental and emotional wellbeing initiatives and polices, in order to equip individuals with the social and emotional skills, knowledge and the disposition required to operate and contribute productively within both an educational setting and the broader societal context. This Chapter will explore the following questions: What does the concept of wellbeing mean? Does the term wellbeing have the same meaning for all individuals and groups within a school? Does the concept of wellbeing hold constant across time and events despite the diversity of experiences, culture, beliefs and values evident within educational contexts? What foundational approaches and models inform wellbeing educational initiatives? And what is the role of education in the wellbeing of student and staff?

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The issue of longevity is fraught with vague studies and controversies about how much difference a recognized number of attitudes and behaviors can make. However, the essence of success is hinged on a tenant that is skewed much differently than many societies subscribe to. The alliance of longevity does not rely on individual responsibilities to be successful. Rather, it is heavily dependent on the concept that individuals are all part of a system, and for enduring gains in health, communities should.

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